Are Netent Slots Really Rigged?

If you have been experiencing a string of losses at Netent slots, you would be forgiven to question the authenticity and reliability of these online casino games. Visit to understand how slot games work and you will realize that there is really nothing you can do to secure wins in online casino games.

The Concept of RNGs

RNG or Random Number Generator is the concept that comes into play when you hit "spin". The computer generates a random number which is then translated to the final resting position of the spinning wheel. You could see ceramicsecuador to understand that not even the computer knows where the wheel would land.

  1. Computer generates a random number.
  2. The random number determines the position of the wheel after spinning.

This means that the results of your spins are purely by chance. You need a lot of luck to land matching combinations or winning symbols. You still need luck to land free spins or get wilds and symbols that earn a payout. Basically, slots - like any other online casino game - are games of chance.


Maintaining Netent's Reputation

In order to maintain its reputation, it's highly unlikely that Netent would think about rigging their slots. Competition at the online casino market is stiff, and Netent itself is struggling to catch up with Microgaming. It is possible that Netent is burning the midnight oil finding ways to improve their games to stay afloat in the competitive market.

Also, every country has gambling control bodies that check casinos regularly for fair play. If Netent sunk that low to rig its slot, it would be just a matter of time before the scandal erupted. And when that happens, the company would lose its market share, which it has struggled so much to achieve.

Playing Netent Games Responsibly

If you played Netent slots responsibly. you would never have to worry about their possible rigging. It should be obvious to anyone that online casino games are games of chance, and that the chances of winning and losing are never mathematical - they are 50-50 as you may think. Just be responsible when gaming.

One to avoid a string of losses is to play Netent slots for free. Demo or even complete versions are available for download so you can play offline. If you have to play for real money, start by placing small bets which you can afford to lose. Don't bet using your family savings.

Online Slots Not a Shortcut to Riches

Most people approach gambling with a view to winning big and getting rich in a blink of an eye. This is the biggest mistake you can ever make. Though there are reports of people becoming millionaires overnight after striking the jackpot, such cases are very rare. Consider playing Netent slots as a pastime.

  • Slots are not a shortcut to getting rich
  • Play slots as a pastime.

To play safe, treat those stories of jackpots as fairy tales. You may never win the jackpot in your entire life - that is the harsh reality. It is, therefore, not wise to risk a substantial part of your income or savings in the hope of winning big once and for all. People who make losses often blame the casino.

So, Are Netent Slots Really Rigged?

Although you may have wondered why you, and any other player you may have come across, lose more than you win, it is not possible that Netent has rigged their slots. After all, every time you place your bet, the casino earns a small percentage of it even when you win, thanks to the concept of RTP.

You will have to learn to play online casino games, including Netent slots, responsibly to avoid heartbreaks. If you are looking for fun, just play them for free. But if you need some adventure, consider staking small amounts and to avoid playing for long periods. Considering the stakes, can't possibly rig its slots.